We offer family treatment packages at discounted rates.

We can create a plan to meet your family's specific needs based on the

number of family members treated and frequency of treatment.


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Children don't develop in isolation; they are shaped by their environment and particularly influenced by parents, caregivers, & siblings. The family dynamics playing out in a child's life have powerful effects on her growth, development, health, emotional well-being, and self-expression.


Because of this, we often recommend treatment for the whole family. It is especially important that a child's main caregiver(s) be able to change, adapt, and grow as needed to support their child energetically and emotionally. For some, this comes easily. When it is challenging, we often encourage the caregiver to have treatment as well, as it can facilitate change, growth, and self-awareness. This enables the child and caregiver to growth and shift together; to move toward greater health, well-being, and more harmonious relationships for all involved. 



whole-family wellness begins with you!