A little about my journey...


As a teen with chronic pain, I searched for years for a medicine that could help me have a normal life. I saw doctors and specialists to no avail. In my quest to find healing, I even began coursework in pre-medicine at Johns Hopkins University with the goal of becoming the kind of doctor who would really listen to her patients and work in partnership with them.


Mid-way through my time at Hopkins and still suffering with daily high levels of pain, I took a break from my studies to 


Before I could complete my studies, I found an amazing acupuncturist, who delivered the medicine that changed my life. I not only found releif from the pain, but also began discovering my own wisdom and ability to create change and healing for myself.  It was so transformative that I decided to upend my plans and study acupuncture instead.  It's one of the best things I've ever done. I am deeply blessed to do this amazing work.