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Acupuncture is a time-tested healing modality that works by moving energy (Qi) with the help of super-fine filiform needles.  We are made of energy that flows through us like water flowing in a river.  Just as in nature, if something obstructs the flow of a river in one place, the entire ecosystem is affected.  If a tree falls and blocks the water flowing downstream, the whole river changes.  Parts may become stagnant; algae and bacteria may begin to grow and spread. The health of the river may become compromised.  


So it is in us; we can create energetic logjams or blocks in the course of living- the experience of shock or trauma, sickness, pent up emotions, eating too much or too little, overwork, living in extremes, even simply stressful situations or life transitions-all can cause us to get energetically stuck.  Because our energy isn't flowing smoothly, we experience symptoms of stuckness; we may be feel pain, become overemotional, get sick more often, experience indigestion, tension, tiredness, have difficulty sleeping, and so on.  


In Chinese medicine, all symptoms are a call to create greater balance and flow.  All symptoms are an inroad to healing.  Acupuncture helps to restore the natural and smooth flow of energy to create relief from symptoms and also greater overall health and well-being.  Because it is a holistic modality, it is not uncommon for patients to come in seeking relief, from, say, knee pain and report that they experience not only relief from pain, but also better sleep, ease in relationships, etc.  A child might come to treatment for relief of physical symptoms and his parents will report that he's also having less flares of temper and is getting along more easily with his siblings.  The possibilities for healing are endless!


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