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What Patients & Parents Are Saying

[Dawna] quickly established a rapport of trust and friendship with both my sons and it was immediately obvious that my children loved any time spent in her presence.  Dawna relates to children very well and seems to have a true understanding of their needs.... Dawna is absolutely wonderful working with children and my sons definitely agree with this.



Dawna has provided me with a healing environment that fosters trust, growth, and learning. I know when I enter the treatment room that Dawna is fully present and fully dedicated to my healing.... The treatments themselves offer respite from the anxieties I experience from living with daily discomfort. I have experienced an incredible sense of well-being after each session.... Dawna’s treatments feel like a safe place—a healing space where I am the focus of her thoughts and energy.


Dawna tended my family in the most sincere way. She treated my son during a time when we were experiencing upheaval in our family due to some of our son's behavior. Even after one treatment, life began to move with more ease and the health of our family has begun to improve.



In the treatment room, she listens deeply, asks insightful questions, answers my questions with warmth and clarity, and tends to my comfort... In the time since starting treatment I have grown tremendously. I even surprise myself at times, as I hear myself express easily emotions that I have felt uncomfortable expressing in the past. Dawn has played an integral role in my journey home. I would recommend her as a practitioner to any of my loved ones. I offer a deep bow of gratitude and best wishes to Dawn moving forward in her practice.  



It is difficult for me to put to words the magnitude of impact that Dawn's great heart has had on my life...


She is a loving, graceful, encouraging, confident practitioner who embodies the grace of this medicine.  I learned much from watching her in the treatment room and experienced both incredible movement and deep ease during the time that she treated me.  I find myself, as I am entering clinic shortly, using Dawna as a role model of how I would like to be with... my future patients. 



As an acupuncturist, I found Dawna to be very down-to-earth and understanding.  In the past, alternative medicine has been somewhat uncomfortable because of its mysterious explanations.  Dawna always got to the heart of the matter, meeting me where I was at the time to offer support and love regardless of the proposed explanations.  I take this as a testament to her emphasis on the ultimate value – healing.  

Getting treated by her was wonderful... I am so grateful to have had the opportunity.... She radiates humility and love in a way that is contagious. 


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